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      I need some recover..i love my girl and my family…i lost a lot off money on gambling…and now i borought some money …i work 3 month to pay back..i want to quit gamblig but..i feel some atraction…some devils are in me..they wanna bet..i want to change my job..sjne december i bet like a that i cannot i want to be a good and successful man..i want my girl back..i lied her a lot for brother..i will quit them..i am only 23 age year old..please reply me and help..i need some help..thank..tell me how to give to rise me..i’m romanian..if is anyone to talk about our problem please reply me..

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      Stan, take whatever help you can find whether it’s in a group or addiction counseling or doctor’s help.  You have your whole life to live the way you should.  I recommend handling all your finances, pay and any money over to someone you trust or to an accountant.  Not being able to get money to gamble is a huge help.  Do everything you can to protect yourself and never give up on a better life. Sherry

Viewing 1 reply thread
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