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      So I am back to where I started about 20 months ago. I have been gambling again for the last 6 months. II have begged borrowed but not yet stolen. I nealy went to prison last january when after I cleaned my work safe out trying to win back my salary from losing it all in the morning. I then spent a fantastic 3 months in gordon moody where I got my head sorted and started enjoying life again. I came out happy and started working with my uncle up until september last yeae.I then got a much better job earning 3 times what I waz earning before in the car industry but this has not made me happy. I re located to a town where I know nobody and left living in the safety net of licing with my best 2 mateswho knew all about my gambling to living with randoms. I feel isolated and do not really do much except go to the gym and play football.
      I have just lost my whole wage packet in an hour on the roulette machine betting 100 quid a spin without leaving myseld any money for food petrol or paying my rent. I got myself into excatly the same sitution last month and managed to get some pay day loans which I managed to basically blackmail my dad into paying them off which I donot feel good about. Itried re taking them today but my mum has rang them all and blacklisted me so i have nowhere to go for money as my credit rating is shot to pieces.My mum and dad have finally had enough they have helped me out so many times before they have sais enough is enough so ritht now I face the prospect of being kicked out on the street with nowhwre to go and no food. I know this is all my own fault and I have brought it on myself by not putting steps in place to atop thia happening I guess as gamblers do they think that they know best and everything will be ok but I dont think it will this time. I dont know where to turn or what to do ans how I am even going to face goinf to work or if there is any point jn even going. The ironic tning is I am doing so well at work and was top of the company in july and am earning more money ghan ever before . But I remember a good friend from fordon moody saying money isnt everything and I know that is true. I have not had a gf for 4 years as I cannot open myzelf up to anyone and refuse to let someone get hurt by me again, now my family have had enough and I can count the number of proper mates on my hands.
      I feel so alone and isolated and I sont know where to turn to.I dont know if anyone will respond but I just wanted to get this out and have no one to talk to.Thoughts Bring Things

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      So I have not gambked for 3 days which is a start. My mum kindly paid my rent this month so atleast I can carry on my job and wont be made homeless which is a massive lift and I am so thankful to have her. Somehow I have been doing really wellat work over the weekend and am getting rewarded with a top of the range sport car as me demo which feels slightly wrong as people would have to save for years to get one and I am given one on a plate after everything I have done. Aiming to get to a week of no gambling. I have a small amount of money to live on to eat so I just need to get through tonthe 30th
      Will arrange for my wages to go to my mums account so she can ration my money again and go from there. I feel alot better its amazing what 3 days of no gambling does Thoughts Bring Things

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      Hi rf2012, congratulations on 3 days gamble free and also for coming back and seeking support.  Is there any GA groups where you are?  It might be a way to do two things for you.  One it will give you the support to deal with your gambling addiction and Two, you will get to meet new people who understand the challenges that you are facing with your addiction.  It’s just a thought. Also, way to go on having your money put into your mother’s account so that she can ration your money.  No money means no gambling!!!  Did you tell your mother to take the month’s rent that she paid for you out of your next pay?  I believe that would be a great thing to do for her and for yourself.One day at a time my sweet lord…

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      Hi Roomf,
      I’m pleased that you are posting again even if the circumstances aren’t ideal. Keep reading and keep posting. Our ex residents group still runs on a Monday evening at 7pm so it would be great to see you in there again. There isn’t a meeting on the 16th this month so the next one is scheduled for September 23rd.
      I am also on the same mobile number should you wish to have a chat on the phone.

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