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      Are you maybe having trouble posting on the new site?

      I’m running around sharing a way that I figured out for getting my comments to post at the end of the thread instead of landing somewhere in the middle.

      Here it is if you’re interested:

      Don’t use the “Add new comment” box for typing your comments.

      Instead, click on the dark purple “reply” button (next to the “Complain about a message” button) just under the last comment posted on the thread.

      When you click on the “reply” button, a new window pops up where you can type in your comment. Then when you hit “Save”, your comment will post at the tail end of the thread like it’s supposed to!

      I hope this helps …

      This new site looks like it’s going to have some really cool features, and I think we’re all going to like them once the GT team gets all the kinks worked out!


Viewing 0 reply threads
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