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    Hi everyone my real name is Graeme, I’m 31 years old. I had a reallly good life recently, I had money and things were going well. Well then it happened I had discovered online casinos, I had a few decent wins and everything seemed to be going fine. 

    Now I’m in debt, I’ve had to borrow money from my parents and my girlfriend, I love so very much. To think if it wasn’t for her I’d be in debt up to my eyeballs right now and she’s helped me a lot with borrowed money which I have ashamedly spent on gambling, I want things so 

    much to return to normal and I am really hoping that I can turn this habit around. I have come up with a plan with lending my card to her and only having cash when I need it for work and hobbies that I do in my spare time. I’ve got a problem and I know I can get control of it

    I had a binge last night and to be honest I feel really bad for doing it. This habit is ruining my life and it’s basically very disappointing, I’ve been really trying hard to stop with this problem, can anyone help me please.

    Thank you for listening…. 


    Hi Graeme, well done on looking for help.

    My apologies for the delay in responding, your story seems to have been missed here. I will give you a few pointers but I would recommend copying your post into the My Journal Forum; it is a busier forum and you will get more feedback and advice there.

    Well doneon giving your ATM card to your girlfriend. Does sheknow about your latest binge? Come completely clean, trying to keep any debts etrc hidden can in itself send people back gambling.

    Read the other stories in the My Journal Forum. You will see a lot that you will relate to. You will also see the success stories and the sort of things that have helped others stop gambling. Apply them to your own situation.

    Get yourself bannd from your usual online sites, get a blocker for your PC/tablet/phone so that you can’t find another site to open.

    Keep posting but again please do so in the My Journal Forum, you will get a lot more response.


    Hi there,

    I am a CG just like you are.

    Like many would suggest, the first two steps you should do is 1) to stop all gambling, big or small 2) Hand over your ATM cards to your close one that are strong enough not to pass it back to you in case you lie to gamble.

    Gambling is a horrible horrible addiction and I hope you will get out of it stronger than before.

    God bless.


    Hi, I read your post. I know what you are going through. Because it happened to me too. But I came back to my life.
    So be brave and keep fighting. You can do it. One more thing, try cognitive behavior therapy. It’s really helpful.


    Hi, I’m very new, in fact I’ve just joined, it’s taken a huge step for me to admit my gambling problem, I’m desperate, I’ve been lying to my husband, I’ve been really cruel, my kids are going without because of my online gambling, I don’t know where to turn,


    I am 30 and i feel the same way! I can’t stop my gambling online. I was playing blackjack this week and won $2500 and i was stoked that i was winning. Finally winning back the money i lost last week. Then i lost $100 then $200 and before i knew it i lost it all plus another $1000.

    I dont know how to stop or tell anyone. I freaked out becuase i have been losing upwards or $2000-$3000 monthly for the past 6 months. I emailed all the online sites and asked them to cancel my accounts.

    I am hoping that i can fianlly be done with this for good. How do i win back the money is all im can think about.

    I hope that by using this site i can find a way to not gamble any more. Its ruining my life.


    Hi Coreymikael and the other recebt posters.

    read my previosu reply to Graeme. You can get a lot of support here and you can stop gambling. You will get more support though if you start your own thread in the My Journal Forum.

    You will also see the sort of things that have helped others sdtop when you read the other stories there.

    The most important advice is to use the help that is available.

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