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      Hi Vera (up late, must be on shifts) – everyone from the past,
      Good to see a few names from the past and that you are still being strong. The board did what it did for me at the start which was showing me that I wasn’t the only one and that CG could be managed with positive steps, but daily posting wasn’t for me after a while. Though hovered around for a time.
      quick up date: no gambling, debts manageable (just renovated house this summer), relationships good but had a serious struggle with whiskey as a way to blot out guilt for all lost money, time, opportunities etc but haven’t drunk today and hopefully not the next day (I think you all see the pattern!). Why back now? Despite nearly loosing house etc the worst time for me was Christmas without money and three kids and I said when stopping gambling I would focus every December, and I would really try to feel how bad that was and how good it is to be able to buy presents for my family. So reading some of the posts helps me focus. I empathize with everybody, but if i can progress after 27 years then there really is hope for all.
      Vera, budget coming up so that’s something to look forward to!
      Surprised they turned down unpaid leave – I thought it was any savings that could be made. I was excluded from redundancy scheme, as probably your grade was. If not, I would have been gone.
      Take care,

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