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    As a kid it was drummed into me
    Honesty is the best policy
    I’m not sure when that started to slide
    As I had more and more things to hide
    One or two to start
    The truth might really break mums heart
    I told myself those lies were white
    Surely that made it right?
    But one or two lead to more
    And those lies made life raw
    Not so white now and I couldn’t kid
    Myself about the things I hid
    The money lost, the time as well
    As my life went all to hell
    Now the lies had become the norm
    If I said I was reading it would be reading form
    Finally there came a time
    Family didn’t believe a word of mine
    If I said the sky was blue
    They would look to see if it was true
    But the one person to whom I lied the most
    Was yours truly, it’s not a boast
    Finally it got so tough
    I knew that I had had enough
    Gambling could not be the answer
    That’s what turned me into a chancer
    I ventured into a meeting
    “You are welcome” was the honest greeting
    I told my story and oh how I cried
    Remembering the times I’d lied
    Then I heard there was an answer
    I no longer had to be that chancer
    I could stop gambling and recover
    Needn’t lie to another
    If I told the truth I didn’t need
    To try and hide things, I was freed
    In fact I leant a lie might cause
    My recovery to take a pause
    I could show by my actions
    That my truth was whole, not fractions
    My family learned that they could trust
    And to keep that up I really must
    Return to what I always knew
    That being honest is the thing to do.
    Now as I stay in recovery
    Honesty really is that best policy! 


    Thanks for sharing this charles, it brought tears to my eyes….and keep up the good works!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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