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    Hello everyone, i am Jamie, 21 from England
    From as far as i can remember i’ve always enjoyed doing the football on a saturday, started off as a £1 6 team accumulator when i was around 9, then as things progressed and i turned 18, whilst most people were looking forward to going out for their first legal pint i was looking forward to my first legal bet, i maintained only betting on a saturday, the stake increased to around £10 but that was easily managable and if i didnt have £10 i didnt mind not doing anything. then i was bored during a free period at college and stumbled into a betting shop, i had a measly £2 on me, and for amusement purposes only put it on the outsider in a greyhound race(which then i had know knowledge of) anywho to my shock i noticed it had won, took my winnings and put them in a machine i’d never seen before, later i would understand them to be Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) with roulette etc on them, i put my £10 and pulled £150 out, quite a lot for a college kid, ever since that day i’ve played the machines atleast once a week, the cost fluctuating from £5 a week to the most being around £200, i’ve found myself resorting to borrowing money, using other peoples money without permission and in some cases selling my items to recover losses, i’ve tried stopping and have made my friends and family aware of my problem i’ve been googling suggestions and stories of how to stop (usually after a loss) for a while, and today i’ve decided to join this forum, So before i part ways with this introduction, if anyone replies (which i would be most grateful for) could they answer me the following question.
    I’m still having £10 a week on football accumulators (it’s like a family event) and as far as i’m aware my problem is not with gambling as such, it’s with the machines and the thrill of having the possibility of money at your finger tips, so is it wise for me to continue having a football accumulator? or shall i stop betting completely?
    If anyone has any questions or experiences they’d like to share please reply
    Thank you 😀

    stan’s girl

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story here.  You’re the same age as my oldest son…It’s scary to think I may have taught him this behaviour too, but in answer to your question…
    nobody can decide what’s best for you except you.  Some people will say that "gambling is gambling", others will say they’ve had issues with slots, but still play the lottery.  For example, I cannot go into a casino!  I’d gamble my last nickel there, but I do buy a lottery ticket once or twice a month.  The last one I bought was last Friday and I haven’t even checked it yet…completely forgot about it until I just typed it out here.  I am of the opinion that I need to stay away from what floats my boat (slot machines).
    Again, please keep in mind that others will not agree with me, but I believe everyone has to find their own way.  I suggest you ****** yourself to determine what works for you.
    You’re doing the right thing by seeking out as much information and help as possible.  If you eliminate the gambling behavior that has proven to be a problem to you and you find that you’re not obsessing with another form, then you decide what you want to do.  However, if you find that your obsession starts to escalate and get out of control, then perhaps you’ll want to cut out all forms of gambling.
    Hope this helps.  Please remember that it’s just my opinion and nothing more.
    All the best to you.
    CrystalLife isn't that difficult…people make it difficult.  It's simple, let go and move on OR hold on and stay stuck.

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