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      Good day And Peace be with you all, I”m Emmanuel , a compulsive gambler . My last bet was 15th October 2020. Sad to say I lost everything I ever had in this life due to this gambling problem. Family , house ,cars, Job and any other thing which is valuable in life is gone . I’ve suffered with depression for the last couple of years. Glad to say I’m able to quit Gambling for over a year. Now I’m trying to build my life up, but here is the problem, the part of the world I’m coming from it’s very hard to get a Job. Since I lost my Job some years back, it’s been pretty very Difficult getting a sustainable job to do . I’m writing here today if anyone in the community can get me something to do that can fetch me something for myself. Could be an Online Job, data entry Job or anything that can help me survive . I don’t mind relocating to wherever There’s a job for me. Thank you all and God blesss you . It’s been hard getting my life back . Please help

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