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      I know the disappearance of money is hard to deal with, but I am struggling with the fact that he’s lied. we already have an agreement that he can keep £100 a week to use supposedly on his tolls and food as he is away a lot for work. He has been tellibg me he has had a pay cut and so instead of cutting the amount he has, he has cut the housekeeping. This is putting us behind with the bills but last night I was filing paperwork and found he has not had a paycut but is geting slightly more than usual! I did some snooping and have discovered his credit card is maxed and every transaction from his bank is to gamblingsites. not only that but there is no payment for a cpc course he was supposed to have done or for a big fine he was supposed to have paid. My last husband wasnt a gambler but was manipulative and told me lies every day. I love my current husband but I dont know if I can tolerate this. I sat him down and went through how little he contributes to the home and triedto shame him into realising i am the main wage earner in our home even tho he is on several thousand more than me. It has made no difference. he has also said we shouldnt exchange gifts this christmas as he cant afford it but that its ok for me as i can just access money anytime i want feom my budget. He has destroyed my budget. I feel resentful that he is keeping us poor, that he is trying to shame me into feeling sorry for hin etc etc. How do I get past this?sunshine n rainbows

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