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    I am a compulsive gambler and have been clean for the last 9 weeks. Things have been going well i have all the support around me that i need, i have this website, i have my meetings and an odd counsillor session.

    Alot of my friends struggled with gambling but have since knocked it on the head bar 1 of my close friends. I have distanced myself from him since I gave up gambling but he is always on my mind as it kills me to see him in self destruct mode and not admit he even has a problem. Any texts i do send him, he rarely replies and if he does, its a few days later.

    His best friend whom i am also close too, has approached me to seek advice on what to do. He is in two minds of telling his parents but is unsure if this is the best approach.

    Can anyone shed any light on what to do going forward? what should i tell his best friend to do in this scenario?

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