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      So for one final post, I have to admit I wish it was a more positive one but like I always say “I can’t change the way I feel”, I am just a normal person who works very hard to look after my family that person, is married, has kids, and in 99% of my life do what is right but the massive problem in my life is that I am a compulsive gambler and I believe after today if I dont change then this addiction will kill me. I usually try and look on the bright side of life as that is just the way I am but I have messed up one to many times this time, I have been working all day, my wife and kids away visiting family and tonight I just lost the plot and decided to gamble (my choice, my fault and my responsibility as after all I am responsible for my own actions) I never mention figures as I know it is all relative but tonight I lost more in 2 hours than I have ever lost in a day before. I share this solely so for those who read it (as I am sure you already know) understand there are many people in the same situation as them. I would like to thank everyone who has helped and shared with me over the last few years on this site and all I can say is keep at it one day at a time. As for me I would have to class myself as a weird rare breed who although very intelligent is also thick as two short planks but hey who’s perfect and in fairness I can call myself what I want as I am forever beating myself up about something. In all honesty at this moment in time I feel lost and in truth not sure what to do. As always thank you very much for listening and understanding, take care and love to all Maverick.

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