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    I am a compulsive gambler
    Admitting that I am a CG – was very hard for me
    My life was a mess – but I couldn’t live gamble free
    At first there was despair and no hope – until I went to GA
    Connecting with other CG’s felt right – in a very special way
    One day at time programme – it sounded too good to be true
    Meetings helped a little – with cravings I had to get through
    Putting barriers in place – the simplicity of which I never got
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to give up – and I felt like a clot
    Learning how to cope and letting go – was so difficult for me
    Slipping back into action – was stupid and not meant to be
    Itried in my life to be honest, open and willing to change
    Varying my day without gambling – for me was hard and strange
    Emotional, physical and financial stress – wasn’t at all right
    Gradually taking my recovery JFT – there was less of a fight
    Accepting that gambling had got me beat – I embraced GA
    My attitude changed – I felt I had more control each day
    Being in GA, helped me to make new friends and gain support
    Learning from others and my mistakes – my urges I fought
    Eventually I began to be responsible for actions – I made a new life
    Recovery for me ‘A Compulsive Gambler’ now causes less strife
    Michelle (2012)

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