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    I am not trapped to myself
    The hardest lesson to learn
    To forgive and let go
    I don’t know how to be free
    To breathe and move in the
    Power of Now
    But I know I’m moving forward from
    What used to be to where I want to be
    Finding Peace and Harmony of the
    Present and using the benefits of recovery
    To make me whole again
    I am free to roam where ever I may go
    Once last chance to leave it behind
    There is nothing I can’t do
    Put it all out of my mind
    With forgiveness and letting go
    Taking the step to a clean slate
    Re – learning the meaning of Patience’s
    Along with new coping skills
    New way of thinking and
    Choosing the thought I keep
    Celinakicking it to the Curb  One Day at a time !

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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