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      I have no stones left
      I have no stones to throw
      I used them up to build my house
      They were put together by my hands.
      I stacked them carelessly
      The stones didn’t stand up well.
      The wind came
      The storm flooded around them
      And in between
      The stones were scattered
      And lost in the mud.
      Now, I live in a glass house
      I am grateful I AM OUT OF ROCKS!

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      I love this poem. It reminds of the part in the bible (sorry I don’t know my bible well enough) about the house built on rock and the house built on sand (I think).
      It could be the house built on recovery and the house built on gambling . U should write more poetry. It really made me think.

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      Thank you!
      It is some of that bible story, “build your house on the solid rock” and also there is a saying, “those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones”.
      That saying reminds me that we all have things that are not perfect going on. No one is perfect, we have to stop being so judgemental and look inward. Everyone “sins” a little differently.

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      Great point Kpat,
      I sometimes feel I live in a house of mirrors , where my sin and faults are reflected back at me again and again? I guess this is about not truly accepting Gods forgiveness and letting go.
      Ever feel like that?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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