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      I AM
      Today I cried for a dog,
      who laid at the coffin of his master
      and would not leave until it was time.
      His pain displayed for all to see.
      Big, salty tears poured from my eyes,
      down past my heart where the sadness lies
      as deeply as the soldier’s brown and polished
      coffin will lay
      in the ground.
      Today I cried for the butterfly
      struggling to emerge from it’s cocoon.
      One wing crumpled and misshapened.
      The perfect transformation interuppted.
      It will die, I think.
      Destiny will not allow a maiden flight
      nor to gather sweet nectar from a flower.
      Today I cried
      for the "me" who was destined to become
      someone… instead of the one I am now.
      One of the millions of
      soft sad hearts whose pain is bravely carried and hidden
      so that, none can see.
      I am the dog who  mourns
      and waits.
      I am the crumpled winged butterfly,
      longing to fly.
      I am all the lost and stolen childhoods.
      So, today I cried.


      *feeling the pain right now* …sniff, sniff.

       — 26/08/2011 3:32:08 AM: post edited by missingme.

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