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      Hey everyone!
      I want to share something with you. I believe pain is the cause of addiction. Alcohol, drugs, and gambling are just ways we use to escape the pain. It’s the escape we get addicted to. That’s the reason, people often switch one addiction to another. How do you feel when I say that? Can you relate?

      You might ask; what do you mean by pain?

      For me, pain can be anything that creates discomfort like, stress, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety… etc.

      If you, like me believe pain is the cause of addiction. I have something I want to share with you! is an online platform that focuses on helping people to identify and remove pain. It’s built like a social clone of Facebook, and you’ll find video courses that target various sources of pain.

      If you believe there is a connection between pain and addiction, then I’d warmly recommend you give QG a try. EVERYTHING IS FREE!

      Take the Happiness Test. It’ll not tell you if you’re addicted to gambling, nor anything else. Instead, it will help you identify what causes you pain in life, and hopefully, it’ll inspire you to learn more about it.

      The Happiness test is fun and easy. You find it here:

      Looking forward to hearing what you think!

      Have a nice weekend


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      Very interesting opinion. I will take note of this test.

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      Thank you. I agree that addiction is to mask emotional pain. Although as we know any addiction just leads to more pain. So begins the cycle. I will take the happy test and get back to you. Until then take care all

Viewing 2 reply threads
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