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    Hi All

    Im 29 and have been addicted to gambling for a very long time. It got that bad that 5 years ago whilst still living with my parents I ended up in 41 grands worth of debt. I wouldnt say its all due to gambling but the majority is. 

    I started taking out payday loans as i never had any money and then it spiralled from there. I will be debt free in february and since i got help for my debts I felt like i was back in control. Ive never actually stopped gambling I tried but could never do it but i was able to control what i spent and banned myself from everything online. 

    Recently ive been gambling again on my partners account but i just added my card and would delete it after. This time the website wont let me delete it. Im waiting for him to find out and worried that it will be end of us. I dont kno why ive been doing it i always knew it was a risk but its when I have a drink on a weekend. Im much better at controlling it when I havnt been drinking. I only drink on a saturday which is lucky because i get the urge to gamble and im just not worried at the time its the next day i get stressed.

    Im too worried to tell my partner or my family I am gambling again. Does anyone know anywhere i can get help without them knowing? im worrying that much i cant concentrate through the day and when i go to sleep im dreaming off slot machines (daft i know but true) and then waking up worrying of people finding out. Im embarrassed and scared ive let my parnter and family down.

    I dont want to let any one down and i want to put a stop to  it before it gets bad again. Im too scared to go to a meeting on my own as im worried someone will see me. 

    If possible i would like an online meeting. Ive heard you can get cbt therapy is this true? I want to stop gambling altogether. Does anyone have any techniques that help them? I cant even go into a pub without wanting to go on a bandit. Even seeing a tv advert makes me want to gamble. 


    Hi. Iv only stopped gambling 3 days and im sure your thinking what do I know,probably not a lot but you the only way you can control your gambling is to STOP. May i suggest that when you go out of a Saturday night you dont consume alcohol . May say to your partner that you are going to take a break from drink for a while or that you will drive. You need to have willpower. Dont loose everything you have for a slot machine surly you can see they are worth more to you than what you think your going to win in the slots. GOOD LUCK. REMBER ONE DAY AT A TIME


    I work so hard for my money as a waitress and everyday my tips are gone to scratch off lottery tickets. Today it was $200. that I busted my butt for. Help Me. Tell me how I can control this problem. I want to die. I am in so much trouble financially. Its effecting my life big time. I am depressed and sometimes suicidal although I wont do anything to harm myself. I need ADVICE. and I need to STOP this addiction NOW. Scratch off tickets are everywhere you go so its so hard to avoid them. ADVICE?



    I wish it was easy as just “stopping”. Everytime I gamble, even like earlier last night, even if I win a lot, I can’t leave til I’ve spent every penny I have. I still want to go even after I get so depressed after losing everything.

    I tried to join the 2am PST online meeting, but it said I did not have permission to join the channel. Does anyone know how to get permission? I am logged in.


    Hi Laura, well done on looking for help.

    Check out the My Journal Forum – it is a busier forum and you will get more response there.

    You will see a lot of stories that you will relate to, you will also see the success stories and see the sort of things that have helped others stop gambleing.

    If you start your own thread there thne you will get a lot of feedback and support.

    If the problem persists in connecting to grtoups then please click on “Email Support” at the top of this page and outline the problem. The “Open” groups, like the one you tried toconnect to, are unmoderated so there is not always anyone thjer to talk to. All the other types of group have a facilitator so there is always someoen to talk to in them.

    I hope to see you post in the My Journal Forum and maybe see you in one of the groups here soon.


    I agree that it’s not that easy to stop, but you need to have a willpower! Distract yourself by finding new hobbies like sport, art anything! Gambling is a black hole and it’s good that you acknowlage it!

    Peaches and Apple

    Hi all,

    If you can’t stop gambling, try attend GA meeting. It has helped me.

    Levern Brown

    I really need some suggesting on how to stop this gambling addiction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Peaches and Apple

    Hi Lavern,

    Try working GA 12 Steps.


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