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    Hi my name is Chloe and I have been gambling since young as I was exposed to horse racing. I am now 44 years of age and have lost over $200,000 mainly in blackjack. As my family help me get out of debt I excluded myself from the casino and it was great. But this could not be sustained, as I was thinking about gambling frequently and on a daily basis. Somehow my deluded mind thinks that I can recover some of my losses.
    As such out of desperation,I started playing poker machines as I haven’t banned myself from that. As you would have guessed this soon spiralled out of control. I then attended a gamblers anon and again after 3 meetings I thought I had overcome this problem.
    The gambling returned. On one had I know that gamblers anon will be able to help me but I feel too embarrassed to return.
    Recently I got a small bonus of $8000 and within a week I lost $2000 in pokie machines.
    I know this has to stop but as I am typing, my mind is still thinking of the machines with their fancy sounds. Especially the sound of free spins. I have utterly lost control and I humbly ask for forum members to help me overcome this sick behaviour. I can’t do it myself anymore, in fact I never did as periods of abstinence were few and far in between.
    I hate what I am doing to myself and I know that if this doesn’t stop I will lose everything, my family and friends and eventually my house.
    This is a desperate cry for help. I know I can only succeed with your support. Please help me.
    With much gratitude,


    Hopefully this will be day 1 of abstinence…if I can get through today it will be so good


    Hi Chloe, A Warm Welcome to Gambling Therapy
    Having found us you have also found a diverse community who can help and support you on your recovery journey.
    Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment and by reading others stories am sure you will see that you are very much not alone in this addiction
    Please click here to see our services page, feel free to use all that this site can offer…
    To chat with others in real time you may wish to make use of the support groups, the ***** of these groups are advertised under "What’s on and When" or click here to see the weekly group schedule.
    For one to one chat you may want to try the live advice helpline. Click "connect" when these options become available.
    Also to say when you registered we would have sent you an email with an attachment, this attachment will help you navigate the site and find the support you so rightly deserve, alternatively this guide can be downloaded by clicking here.  
    Take Care
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