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    Hi Everyone, whilst its fresh in my mind after todays group, we shall talk about Ebay ! Is it gambling or not?
    Gambling , To place a stake to win , were the outcome is unsure of a result.
    Ebay, A place to shop.
    Some may argue the case if you bid on ebay the outcome is unknown and therfor a gamble, you are in fact placing a stake on something you dont know the outcome.
    However on saying this, We are in actual fact placing a bid for an item and although the outcome is unknown for me its everyday shopping.
    Do we get confused sometimes on boundries of gambleing, for instant take ebay many times ive heard the missis say "i won" this or that on ebay..are we mis-interprtating the word "Won" as gambling ?
    I very rarely use ebay but if i do its for shopping purposes, for things i would actually use and want, so to me its no different from going to the supermarket and buying ur weekly groceries.
    I think sometimes as CG we can look into certain things to much and make ordinary things bad things. Is ebay part of a normal life?….To some maybe after all they just opened their 1st ebay shop in oxford street.
    I choose to write about this as im curious to how many of you lot out there class ebay as gambling or just shopping?
    Please let everyone share their thoughts on this subject.
    Love JayJay x
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    eBay isn’t gambling because you get something at the end of it with gambling you don’t get anything

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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