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      Hi there , i’m from Albania. From 7 years me and my family ,wife and kid (son) we bean removed from Canada documents problems.Here in Albania i find everything terrible ,no job no opportunity to do nothing.Than i start gambling till now. All the money i can find i gamble just because i want to have some money so i can pay the debts i have ,keep borrowing money and now from some days i don’t have any money left . All i have is dept up to 80K euro
      and mos of them borrowed with 3%-4% a month. Its bean one week i cant slip all night , because people come everyday to ask for they money or % of interest. Everyday i think of killing my self the only thing keeps me not do init is because i don’t want to leave my kids with trauma for all their life , i can’t doi’t anymore.My parents and family dont know anything of this ,but will blow any day now ,and i dont have no solution at all. If i dont pay people here they can harm me or my family,in this f***king country can’t do anything to recover this amount.Sory people but i did not know what to do ,and the only place i find to tell what i have i finder tonite online.

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