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      hi everyboday,
       i am new to this site and i think it will help me to stop from bad habit which almost took everything speacially few thing which i cant bear to loss , i am down in debts and 2 weeks ago i spoke to one of helpline guy and he showed me few step , which i follow i try my best this friday (wage day) not to go casino but just to make 150 more i went in their and came out empty hand rubbing my face …… i just need in one matter guys please i was ok whole week even on last few minutes i decided not to go but in just 2 mins i said to myself ok just one 50 and most of you know what happen when you start playing with your first money and you lost it …now i am down again make promises to guys whom i owe money to pay them within 2 days which i cant ….. so my next move is to wait for nxt week wages and gamble again just to pay them all ………… and try my best not to gamble in my life and i am trying to not to gamble with this money but first it was 150 but now its 500 hahaha and these are not only money which i owe its only part of my everyweek commitments ….  believe me guys i cant bear my life anymore ……lost everything in my life money years wages , love , family everything and still gambles ……… please i need some advice to get my life back
      thanks for reading

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