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    I promised my wife that i will stop, she has been more than patient with me but i always got new excuses.
    With the internet facilities I manage to transfer funds between accounts to withdraw the money outside then go to the local bookies and start the crazyness. Forgeting myself in the moment gambling everything i worked hard for.
    When finally its all gone this is when I realised how stupid I was, I WILL try to create a lie to cover my actions but it will only buy me a day or two.
    The other option will be to borrow money from friends or relatives creating other lies in order to gain the funds needed to GO BACK & blow it all again.
    But its only when I go back home and look into my other half eyes and I can see the decepetion of my actions.
    My mood will be down I will go straight to bed waiting for the next pay day
    I need all the help I can get as the trust and credibility has gone, this is not a way of life I’m starting to lose her trust and may her love. The kids dont understand but I could just switch that urge to something positive it will make a big difference.
    Ps: wish I could go back to february 2010 when I was free:-(

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