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      Hello everyone!
      My gambler story starts with a win betting on NBA in 2009, and I now I realize that that was also the beginning of a horrible nightmare.
      Gambling has destroyed completely my life because I’ve hurt my family so much due to gambling. As I mentioned I started betting on sports back to 2009, firstly I lost a plenty of money(I have a part time job and that was all my money), after the nba season finished I was trying to end this business, but I just fell into this addition because I started betting on MLB, and then NFL, NHL… I just cannot stop. Until one day a guy that I met in casino, he introduced me another his friend that have an online gambling site,and the interesting thing is as we all know each other, we can play by credits(I don’t need to pay until I lost my balance fund). the first week I just won $900 easily, but that was also what leads me to a nightmare, because after the 1st week I have never been able to withdraw again cuz I was keep losing and losing. As I was playing with credits so the problem comes up when I found out I was able to afford that money, then…….I committed the biggest fault in my life, I really mean. My dad has been a kind of frugal all his life: he don’t smoke, he don’t drink, he always think about every cent before he spend it. He always lay his expectation on me cuz i used being a model son before…. My dad used to keep his money in his bank account, as he don’t drive and have problem speaking spanish(we are inmigrant from china since 2002), he used to ask me to deposit his money into bank. I knew that I have all my dad’s confidence, but I just use it to keep his money in my pocket to keep betting on sports. I remember that everytime I came back to home and my dad ask me about the deposit receipt, I always lied that I threw it away, and he never suspect me. After this happened several times, this also mean the amount that I own to my dad gets bigger and bigger. And the final once that made me to confese all my guilty was… in january 2010, my dad asked me to change his 30000 mexican peso into US dollar in order to put them into bank, as what I was owning to his account that moment(was like 7000 USD), I decided to give a last shoot, I just put all the money he gave me in one straight bet that I lost later. I found out that I had been broken in that moment and nothing I can do to cover what I have done, so…… that night, I tell him all, in front of my mom, my sister and him, I knelt in front of them and confess all… Finally my family forgave me, and then I promised them I will never make a touch back in gambling, but later I realized I can’t, I just can not stop playing, and last year(2011) I did hurt him once again(but I kept it as a secret as no one else knows), I’m afraid that he can’t support the blow this time… Our life is good as we are sticking to my sister and she has a couple of business, also right now as I’m studying in U.S and my sister is financing me. But I just can not stop gambling cuz once I have nothing to do I start engaging my mind into gambling, I’ve been here with my uncle just for less than one month and I already lost over 4000 USD, I feel like I’m a sick monster now. Please help, I really wanto change.

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