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    I’ve always know I’ve had somewhat of an addition to gambling….and going by other members posts I’m clearly not alone in the many years not thinking that I do. I started much as every one else on fruit machines at an early age and it progressed from there, I’m now on to playing on line poker and FOBT (roulette in particular) Its mainly the machines in the bookies that are the problem and each month when I get paid I will always have a good win from 100-400 and then over the course of the month put that all back in and then the rest of my wages, I’m probably spending around 600-800 on them a month at the moment which is all my spare money.
    its a nightmare and I’m desperate to stop, god only knows how much I have spent of the last 15 years! The mad thing is my farther was a compulsive gambler and lost everything for us….house, job, marriage…the lot!!!!!
    With this in mind, what the hell am I doing if Ive seen first hand what gambling can do!??
    Is it possible that the addiction could have been passed down??? It might have been the fact that I spent many an afternoon stood outside bookies when I was younger waiting for my Dad and it was in ingrained in my mind to go in!
    I want to admit to my family, but my mum would be distasted if she knew what I had spent in light of what my Dad did. Ideally I want to get my life back on track and not have to tell her.
    If anyone has any advise or tips I would love to hear them.

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