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      Hi all,
      Here is my story:
      I am student who is currently in another country and has a job that prevents me from going out and have fun with my students (I am a kind of teacher in another country for a year). I say that, because when I am in my own country with my people, my job, and my school, I do not gamble, a part from $2 every three weeks in a parlay.
      So what do I do to pass my time? I gamble on sports in a bookmaker! Do I go there ONLY to gamble? no, I go there to speak with the people to and socialise because there is a great community. Does it matter? NO!
      How much did I lose? I do not honnestly know. I won a lot and lost a lot. Overall, I could say I maybe lost 500, but it could be less.
      At the time, I could say I have won $1500, but as you know, I continued, continued, continued and lost.
      Is the problem the money? NO. The problem is that I went to the casino to bet on sports almost EVERY DAY, I gained some weight, I did not enjoy as MUCH as I could have enjoyed my trip here. This is the real problem, more than the $500 loss. Even when I won a lot of money, I was not that happy because I thought I could have won more. Moreover, sometimes to win a bet, I would watch the full game and suffer until the end of the game to win my bet, which give you a lot of stress. EVERY DAY when I went to gamble I would eat fast food from the casino and wake up the next day feeling fat and had to take a **** in the morning! I have met people in the casino who won 24 000$ on a bet, and they lost it all. EVERYONE ENDS UP LOSING 99% of the time.
      It all ended YESTERDAY, on the December the 30th, when I lost about $300 in a football game. I had taken Iowa to win the second half vs. Oklahoma (am. football). I was winning, and should have won, but instead of spiking the ball, Oklahoma went for a touchdown, because the stupid coach of Iowa took time outs, even if the game was OVER. Unlucky? YES, but I won also some bets being REALLY LUCKy, so it does not matter.
      I came back at home, I bought ice cream, donuts, and chocolate and I ate like a pig. I swore to myself that I would NEVER go back in a casino to gamble on sports, or the Internet. Believe or not, today I was happier than most of the past days, cause I KNOW that I will not gamble anymore and enjoy life. I mean, going to a bookmaker to gamble once a month or once every three weeks is a not a problem IMO, but when you go every day or every two days, then you have a fu##### problem.
      I wanted to share that with you, I officially quit gambling yesterday, and will not go anymore.

      I am a happy person today.

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      Hi makako22,
      A Warm Welcome to Gambling Therapy
      Having found us you have also found a diverse community who can help and support you on your recovery journey.
      Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment and by reading others stories am sure you will see that you are very much not alone in this addiction
      Please click here to see our services page, feel free to use all that this site can offer…
      To chat with others in real time you may wish to make use of the support groups, the ***** of these groups are advertised under "What’s on and When" or click here to see the weekly group schedule.
      For one to one chat you may want to try the live advice helpline. Click "connect" when these options become available.
      Also to say when you registered we would have sent you an email with an attachment, this attachment will help you navigate the site and find the support you so rightly deserve, alternatively this guide can be downloaded by clicking here.
      Take Care

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      Originally posted by makako22… I am a happy person today …
      Good morning Makako, my name is Larry and I am a compulsive gambler, my last bet was August 13, 2009; and because of the work I have done in making changes in my life, I can also say that "I am a happy person today. And I can say it with putting emphasis on the first words, not only on the "today". Recovery is a One Day At A Time process and program, but the benefits goes beyond today, recovery provide for a better and more normal way of life for each day in the future as well, no matter when at home or in foreign lands.
      IMHO I do not think that placing an occasional bet or visiting a casino as part of an entertaining evening is a problem either, that is, it is not a problem for the so called "normal" or social player; however, for me and other compulsive gamblers in the grasp of a baffling and insidious addiction, it is a huge problem, and puts us in a position where we can no longer say " I do not gamble, a part from … …". When we cross over the line from making an occasional social bet to uncontrollable betting, even if only done during binges or when away from home, — the Los Vegas motto of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Veges" is far from the truth for a CG, the wrongs we do no matter where, follows us for a long time. 
      You have recognized your problem, now it is time to do something about it, keep working on changes in your life and character that an addiction to gambling can feed on, and progressively advance, if nothing is done now to arrest its power and control. Your statement that you officially quit gambling, to be on the safe side, should include quiting what you do not consider to be a problem — a problem today.
      God’s speed, use your Higher Power to guide and strengthen you.LarryThanks to my Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT,  "Day Two Is Another Day Behind" and with the help from all , I will continue to remain gambling free.

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      Hi Makako! Welcome to the GT community. You will find support and encouragement here if you want to stay gamble free. Many people come into recovery having lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have enormous debt to pay back. Way to go for not waiting till you hit rock bottom before seeking help. Gambling addiction is a progressive disease and never gets better on its own, always worse. You state that you go to the bookmaker to socialize. Many of us felt lonely and that was one reason we would go to the gambling venues, be***ving we were socializing with others there. That was a *** of my addiction. Be***ving that sitting beside another gambler and saying ***** and possibly complaining about the machines did not constitute friendship. Happy Recovery Day! Carole

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