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    Hi everybody,
    I’ve been gambling online now for almost three years. I started gambling online when the 2010 World Cup was on, and ever since then I’ve mainly focused on football gambling.
    However, the three years that I’ve gambled, I’ve lost an awful lot of money. I’m not in any debt, and thankfully I have no regular expenses to my name, other than car insurance costs and my mobile phone bill. But right now, I really don’t much savings left, and that’s largely because I’ve kept digging myself a hole, all the while thinking I could overcome my losses, or starting afresh and eventually losing control again.
    So today, I’m trying to take the step towards completely ending my addiction to gambling online. I’ve self-excluded myself from bet365, which I had been using regularly for the last 6 months. I’ve already self-excluded myself from other websites, most notably betfair, where I had lost most of my money. It was in fact over a year ago when I did so – but in the end I simply switched betting company.
    Now however, I’m willing to end it once and for all. I really need to do so, because it is having a detrimental effect on me, my personality and my habits.
    I guess the help I need is as follows;
    1. The biggest problem for me is how I will now fill the hole in my life because of all the time I have spent on a daily basis devoted to gambling (researching what to bet on, and so on). I would really appreciate suggestions.
    2. Does anybody have any advice on what I should concentrate on doing for the next few weeks to ease the temptation to gamble again? Does annybody have any methods to try and stave off the temptation?
    Thanks for reading, and hopefully you can help me overcome my addiction and problem.

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