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      Hi everyone,
      I just found this site, my daughter’s fiance is a problem gambler, we just discovered it  2 week’s ago, its broke them up, but we still want to help him.  He is like a son to us, I just don’t have a clue about gambling really.  Fortunately he said he will get counselling, but not sure if he will go ahead with it.  Our daughter took necessary steps and got her own bank account, but her name is still on the credit card.  He reckons he doesn’t want any money to pay off them, he has maxed out 2 credit cards.  I think she still trusts him, but I told her to get her name off it. 

      Would appreciate any help whatsoever, we have been so upset by this, it was a big shock and we had no idea, I think he has been doing this for 6 months or maybe longer, our daughter noticed him getting quieter and depressed, it answers a lot of question,
      thanks, nuhope

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