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    Hi this is ste 25 part time worker and just finished university .I have been gambling loads last months and it is mostly online, live casino etc. I do spend most of my wages on it and recently needed to get a loan out but I am still gambling, I barely get by recently and I am only part time.  I hate when I lose but I still do it, I always think I can win it back, what annoys me the most is why do I not take the money? before I won over nine hundred pound I was thinking About things it could buy me or pay of my loan but instead I said spend one hundered then take 800 but then I kept spending more, the next I knew I had 200 pound left so I thought ill withdraw it, but of course it did not withdraw straight away so I thought ill try again then next I know its all gone, I know it has gone to far, even when I win loads I still put it back in, but my main worry is when I win on this live casino I should just take it. But  I have no sense of reality, I get caught up in it. Makes me very sad, funny thing is when I am normally in the casinos with my mates ill be more likely to take it. I just need some advice? do I need help or should I cut down? I want to get back enjoying my life again, I just don’t know how I don’t realise what is happening.
    Thanks for reading this. I really appreciate it,
    Stephen.s connelly

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