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    First of all sorry about my english it isnt perfect.
    I’m 31 years old, Married father of 2 lovely children one with 4 years and a little girl with 1 year.
    I started gambling on betfair website about 7 months ago, started for fun with small stakes and small bank as my friend of work told me that it was a good website and i could win some pounds.
    I started laying horses and winning, making a small profit, then i decided to put more money into my account and take large stakes ( more risk) at the beginning i was winning almost every day an average of £700 to £1000 per day, thought it was amazing and i could be rich as i have never made that amount of money per day, things were all good until my first loose, i got desperate and wanted to recovery the money lost asap, taking more risks with even larger stakes, sometimes it worked but sometimes…
    I was in a roller coaster with up and downs and wanting to make profit every day until i had a big loss laying a horse ( 2 months ago lost about £1500 laying a horse), Believing that i could recover that lost and get the money back i decided to get money from my savings account to get the money lost back…. and it all went wrong i took £5k from my savings account and decided to lay a horse at 6.2 favourite was 1.89 and second 4.4, i thought it would be a good lay, and promised to myself stop after that race as my heart was beating 100000 per min. and it all went wrong again, the horse i layed won the race and i lost 5 thousand pounds from my family’s savings account, i couldn’t sleep, felt miserable and depressive as the worst person on earth, cried and promised to myself to never go inplay again, only trade before races.
    I stayed out of the trading site for about a week only studying and learning methods to improve my trading skills, then i decided to give another go, this time not thinking in recover any loose but only trade in the right way and make small profits day by day, it worked for a while, until i had another loss and tried to recover, i felt so upset with the loss that i tried to get the money back asap, and this was my worst mistake i took all the rest of the money in our savings account another £4.3k and ended up loosing the money gradually day after day in a hope to get at least the money i took from my savings back and stop playing with my money.
    At the moment i have no money in my savings a debt of £4.315 in my credit cards and only £100 in my trading account, ive reached the lowest level i could ever reach and im desperate for help as im having nightmares and weird thoughts because my self confidence is all gone i think im the biggest looser on earth.
    My wife supports me, i promissed to her i would never ever bet ( let the races go inplay again) but im still gambling as im laying horses and letting the races go inplay, today after the latest loss she said that if i dont have discipline and honour my word keeping my promisses ( never go inplay), she would take the children to her mom and leave me alone to think on what i want for my life as now we are bankrupt.
    Today 15:10hs was my last loss £900 laying a horse to recover a previous loss of £50. I cried so much ad thought about kill myself as now i have no hope, no money and if my wife finds out im not sure i will have my family.
    I do need help, this is the story of my life gambling. Never go in play !!! Please don't go

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