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    I lost the post I just wrote to you. I agree that cleaining out clutter makes us less stressed…maybe not while you’re working at it but a clutter free living area give us a serene home.  It’s good to read that you are taking care of yourself…or at least trying too. Hope you’ve followed through on at least one of them. Have a wonderful weekend. 


    All that cleaning and de cluttering is what I planned to do at the start of the New Year, Ican…
    ten years ago!!!
    Multiply that clutter by ten now and think of how bad it is! They say a cluttered house is indictive of a cluttered mind!
    Gambling is the cause of all this clutter.
    No gamble-no clutter, odaat!


    Thank you Carole, Neva, Vera,  Carole, My daughter came to dinner recently.  I told her that next concert, I would be more prepared.  She told me that there wouldn’t be another concert. Can’t say my heart is broken.  Maybe we can go shopping or out to lunch.  Anything but another concert!  Neva, I am not sure where to go from here on this project of mine.  I am going to try to focus more this next week and figure out where to go from here.  I did buy Omega 3 *****.  Vera, so glad to see you posting.  I am not sure where all this cleaning out and sorting is coming from.  It’s like i’m nesting, but there is no baby coming.  At least I am 99.9999 percent sure there is no baby coming! lol 


    Hi Ican, so great to read your happy posts.  I hope that you continue with the love yourself for February.  I think that is a great idea.  I am exhausted just reading about all the stuff you have been up to decluttering.  I am needing to declutter as well.  I start to do some of it but I never seem to get it finished.  I get overwhelmed because I want it all done NOW!!!  I know that I need to break it up to manageable projects, but I don’t, then I think, where do I start.  I then think to heck with it and go watch TV LOL.  Although, in my defence I have been busy at work, as well as helping organize a fundraiser in support of a friend, so I think by the time I get home I am just plain tired.  It is strange I think it is accepting that I am 60 now and I can’t keep going like I did in my 30s.  I have actually done some decluttering and I will continue to slowly get it done – one day at a time – the same as not gambling.One day at a time my sweet lord…

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