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      Well it has been quite a long time since I was here.  But I am back.  I have been gambling for quite sometime now.  I can’t seem to make it past a few days without placing some type of bet.  I feel like gambling is my only true friend.  I know that it is my enemy and not my friend, but it feels like it is all I have.  The one thing that is always there for me when I am feeling down.  The problem with this is it justs puts me down even farther.  So today is day one! 
      I need support but can’t get it from my family at least not at this time.  They think that I have been gamble free, and yes I know I am to tell them but I am not ready for that yet.  I have to figure out this demon that is in me first.  I know I can get some of the support here so that is why I am back.  I do need to go else where here around my home town, or in towns that I travel to for work. 
      I also gamble on my computer.  So as soon as I get my next paycheck I am installing Gam-block onto my computer. 

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      Hi Terrilou! Welcome back to the GT community. I have found that placing barriers to access to cash to gamble with, works really well for most people. You say you travel with your job, but these days there are few places that don’t accept a debit card for purchases, even in really small towns. A credit card with no access to cash also works. Lowering your limit on your debit card to an amount daily that you would not be tempted to gamble with, is also helpful. I used to travel with a job I had for 8 1/2 years and I know those evenings in hotels can get boring and lonely at *****. You will need to replace the void left by gambling with other things. Perhaps reading, walking, watching TV, exploring the history and the town you are spending the night in, etc. I have never gambled online but I have heard that there are blockers that you can get for free on a trial basis, until you can purchase it. This addiction cannot be ******** through willpower alone, because if you’re like me, that only lasts a short time. You need support and barriers. Keep posting and reading. Wishing you a Happy Recovery Day! Carole

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      Was nice to meet you in chat yesterday Terrilou and just dropping by to wish u well in recovery x

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      hi i haven’t met you before here, i have been here since late last year when i first found this site. i want to give you support which you so need, it is important to put barriers, but they won’t always work eventually you will overcome this addiction. i don’t gamble at places i am banned and i don’t gamble online, because the online slots don’t do it for me. anyway, i slipped today, we all slip and apart of me wants to rise above it all and be as happy as i was this perios of gambling free i had been enjoying. i got paid, and now i am not fulfilled, i am sorry for what i did. i just don’t know how to stop myself sometimes. i want to go back to the days when i was feeling successful at beating this addiction/disease. i keep thinking about the money gone down the drain. i am not the smae person when i am on my way to a venue to gamble, it is like another person takes over. i guess i need to ruffled up in my life, because everyday is so mundane and monotomous. i thought i had it figured out that i was going to beat the next urge. just letting you know you are not alone, and sometimes we slip it just happens because it has made us addicted to it. i don’t have the support of family either, i have told them before that i have gambled but there is not much they can do as they live overseas and i am here. good luck. i need help

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