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           I am a compulsive gambler and for once it needs to stop. I have been struggling with this issue off and on since 2006. I have come here a short time and ended up gambling again. I am constantly thinking I can get rid of it on my own and the realty of it is I can’t. My husband’s and my finances are out of control. When I do not have the funds I borrow till I have put us in debt. The emotional roller coaster in our relationship has also taken its toll. My husband is not so much into gambling like me but he is an enabler, he gives me money when I want which does not help. Just when I think I have a handle on it it creeps back. I know I need help and need to humble myself to get the right help I need. I need to grab on to support and keep it. There is always tension surrounding my gambling. I very much want to rid this behavior completely or at least replace it with something positive and productive. I, we can’t take it no more. I know it is not a healthy situation for either of us and it is for real time to let go of this habit so that it no longer has the control. I want the control back in my life and I know that if I do not put a stop to it now it will ruin me and possibly destroy my marriage and so on. I have work to hard to have my life and relationship demolish over a slot machine and I could really use the support. I am so scared that it can only get worse, so today I have made a solid choice to change and all the support I can get the better. Thanks for listening to me.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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