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      I am a mom of two beautiful kids-4 yrs and 1 yr old. My mother over the past few years has gotten pretty bad into gambling. She stays out at the casinos for 24-48 hours, about 3 times a week, is late/sometimes doesn’t show up for work. Lies, and never wants to talk about things. I don’t see her very often, even though she lives less then 10 mins away from me. Once in a while, I’ll ask her to watch my kids, just so they can spend some time with their grandma, although I can’t count on her actually being home to watch them when she says she will. Her boyfriend of 10 plus years always comes complaining to me about everything she does, but will not open his mouth up to her, or will, but only to a certain extent, so I am left dealing with the brunt of it. My husband has ill feeling about her because his mother passed years ago and in his head, she should be the best darn grandmother because she is their only one. It is hard for me to talk to him about her,so lately I’ve been keeping it bottled in more and more. This is the first time I am reaching out for help, I am trying to salvage a relationship not only for me, but for my kids-they need their grandma in their life, but the one that I used to know, not the woman she is today. I’m soooooo incredibly stressed out, at my wits end, and feel like I have nowhere to turn for help. I so badly want her to help herself before she loses everything, including her family. Thank you for listening, any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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