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      I am new to this site and this is my first entry, so sorry if I go on a bit or am not able to open up fully. This weekend has been my first without gambling. I have decided it is time for me to get control back, as on Friday i got caught out stealing from work to sell to gamble and i guess it was the push i needed to wake up. I now have a disciplinary meeting at work tomorrow about this where i could get fired, and i have realised that gambling has a massive grip on my life. I wont see its been an easy weekend and i understand it could get harder, but i want to change. Hopefully work will be supportive.
      Using the chat rooms here has help me understand that i am not the only one with this compulsive need to gamble.
      I have already been to all the bookies in town to self exclude myself for 5 years, and that felt really good. There are a few more on the outskirts of town and i will get to them before the week has ended.
      I never thought i would be on a site like this, but hopefully it will help.
      I will post the results of my meeting on here tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will be good news

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