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      Hi everyone can’t actually believe I’m on this site and writing a post, but I’m a rare one different from the rest of you because I actually had the big win that most of you dream of . But has it changed things ???? No is the answer so in sharing my story I can help you and you can help me ? I’d been playing poker online a while and running up a few debts at the bank when in April 2008 I was really in the mire when I was playing poker as I waited for the the next multi table to start I went into the casino looked on Caribbean poker saw a big jack pot ‘ I thought to myself I could just do with that , low and be hold 3 hands later I had won $160,030 I was in total shock I got the mrs downstairs she didn’t really understand so I rang the company then confirmed I won and a few weeks later I got £81 grand in my bank. Result yeh ……….? Well all that glitters is not gold , yesterday was my sons 14th birthday I drove to the city to get him a nice jacket 2 hours later I was driving back with no jacket and £900 down as I’d lost on roulette in the bookies, To say I felt sick and hollow inside is an understatement. The win was good it saved me from where you maybe now as I cleared my debts etc then made the vow to stop for a while I did then I gambled small then bigger and bigger as the small wins were not enough , I brought a shop and found myself gambling the takings , I once won $11’000+ on roulette online and ended up giving it back inside an hour always chasing, but it’s not working as I’m still gaming I play bigger stakes because I have more money but 500 is not enough for Me when I win so I carry on and lose – well today I’m not going to gamble I have a shop and we sell scratch cards I see people and think god you fool but this is there addiction roulette is mine. This is helping me by typing as I didn’t think I could admit it , I have a good life and good standard of living if I stop gaming but it’s hard when you can’t tell anyone iVe read some stuff as we all have and yes it works for some but my point that I offer you is this THE BIG WIN WON’T STOP YOU GAMBLING !!!!!! You just want more so I’m taking the following steps 1. Gamblock – used this before on laptops it works 2. Bookies – I won’t bet near my shop but bet out of town I’m going to 5 year self ban when I’m near them shameful yes so what ! 3. Kids when I feel an rush and want to gamble I’m going to look at my kids and make a personal promise to them that I’ll keep trapped in my head 4. Music – love music so I’ll play music to distract my mind 5.YOU !!!!!! My new secret friends please help me and I’ll help you I can help I know it but I need a bit back I feel strong know I’m strong but it’s all about today so together we can sort this evil 6. Today I’m not having a bet f-ck it I’ve had enough Ok I’m off to work and today I’m not going to work for nothing I promise Regards Wayne The big win won’t fix the problem
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