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      i have sent 4 posts to ican…where the hell did they go???
      I give up

      Im back to square one Ican and Libbie

      Is this disease contagious?

      Its reaching epidemic stage now.
      If this post doesnt deliver I wont ever try again
      Im totally fed up trying

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      why can we not just type and press POST?
      After all CGs are impatient and I for one ***** an “idiot” proof method that wont wreck my head.
      Gambling managed to do that

      R2C if youre reading, Im back to square one SCREWED!

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      I was so frustrated at first I wouldn’t even attempt to post because I figured I would just spew asterisks everywhere (he he), so I decided to just go on a posting strike! …lol …

      But then I remembered how much this site means to me and how I would not have made it the last 5 months without the people here. I also reminded myself how rough computer conversions can be (thinking back on my working experience).

      Anyway, I think we are all especially frustrated because this site DOES mean so much to us, and I think we all also know the best way to get through it is with patience … and I hear you have a TON of that – just like me !!! Ha! ( I really hope you’re grinning right now )

      To post a comment on your thread (or anybody elses) click on the dark purple “reply” button first (it’s at the bottom of the lite purple box of the last post on the thread ), enter your comment in the new comment box that pops up, then hit “save” and it should place your post properly at the end of the thread.

      Check the forum called “Feedback and Suggestions” for more information .. I posted a thread about this specifically. I hope it is a temporary fix until they get it fixed.

      I’m going to continue posting threads there as I figure things out and learn more about the new site, and I hope everybody else will too. Katie has encouraged us to use that forum for feedback, questions, etc., and has already addressed a few issues there.

      I hope you take all this in the spirit it was inteded (with me that usually involves a bit of teasing), but mostly I hope you take a deep breath and keep trying til you get the hang of this … you would be sorely missed if you disappeared from GT!!


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      Vera, Thanks for trying to post to me all those times. If we’re at square one , well so be it. We have to try again. One step at a time. We have been struggling financially for some time, but now it’s a desperate situation. Even I can’t believe my behavior last weekend. I need this site more than ever. I need to talk to people who struggle as I do. Let’s help each other create new lives. We can do this!

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      Hey vera so nice to see a post from you. The old threads have the probs the new ones dont, if they were started after the new site was started


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      Just wanted to say hello.

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