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    IF you are reading on this forum then it is safe to say you have been affected by the addiction to gamble.

    IF you feel your problem is complicated and hard to express, don’t hold back – all first posts are hard to write but rest assured they are all read and no matter how big, or how small your worry is, you will be understood and you will receive a reply and ongoing support. 

    IF you are worried about recognition or exposure, then put your mind to rest – this forum is anonymous – you are safe.

    IF you are not sure that your loved one is actually addicted to gambling but you have the slightest concern, push your thoughts around on here rather than have them whizzing around in your mind going nowhere.

    IF you feel the forum is too open then pop into an F&F group – times for the group are in ‘Support Groups’ at the top of this page.  Nothing said in the group appears on the forum, you will welcome, safe and understood. 

    IF you have never been on a forum before, or told anyone about your concerns, don’t worry, most members started off the same.  It only takes a few words posted in the box provided when you click on ‘New Topic’ at the foot of this page.  Write as much, or as little as you want to in the box, scroll down and click ‘send’ and you are among those who want to support you.

    IF onlys’ and what IFs are best left in the past once you have started on your road to recovery.  Finding that road can be difficult but the sooner you are on it, the quicker you can support yourself and ultimately the person you love with his/her gambling problem. 

    Finally – IF you are reading this and you have a worry about someone you love causing concern with gambling then please post – after all what have you got to lose?

    The forum is quiet at the moment but even when it is quiet there is always someone ready to listen to ‘you’.




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