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      Hi. I really hope someone in the place I was when I started gambling reads this…
      I’m 24, no education other than high school, kicked out of University, no job and no real working skills… It all started when I turned 18, I was in my 2nd year of University, and at that time I became and adult, legally allowed to enter a casino, so I did, I’m very curious… I remember I won like 43 dollars in like 20 minutes, I was amazed! I left the casino thinking that that would be the last time I went to a casino, thinking that those 43 dollars were a gift from the donks who owned that place… how wrong I was…
      I just couldn’t help going to the casino the next morning before classes, and before I knew, I was skipping classes to go to the casino.
      Of course I got kicked out of college, and I lied to my parents, I told them I wasn’t enjoying that, I told them I wanted to change that major… And believe it or not they gave me a second chance in another University…
      I started to bet even more, even after this first warning, I couldn’t resist, I was completely adicted to roulette, poker and slot machines, and I started to meet the regular players of that casino… usually skinny, with ****gy hair, some with bags under the eyes, some of them used to ask me for money, some of them told me how they spent all their income in the casino every month, and even knowing that, I kept visiting casinos… how stupid I was, how stupid I am.
      And after 5 years of mediocre studying, I got kicked a second time… and this time there’s no turning back, I don’t even know what to do.. I even considered killing myself…
      It’s been 5 weeks since I went to a casino, the only thing that keeps me from going again to a casino is that memory of me being kicked out of college still living in my parent’s house and with no future.
      I hope this helps someone. Bye.

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