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      hi all ,i was thinking why nobody replyed to my last post a week ago ,i reread my last few posts and the replys and i have come to conclusion ,i kept going over the same dramas of myself and the cg,yes it is a emotional rollercoaster ,i am beginning to see my cg in a different light ,i see all his traits and lip service and munipulation so much more clearer and am finding it harder to beleive anything he says ..last week i have been taking everybodies advice and trying to understand my cg addiction and all the traits ,how it effects our relationship ,last night i confronted him about his slip up 2 weeks ago ,how he came clean ,but only because i cornered him/not of his free will ,i do beleive if he was in true recovery like moveon and others pointed out he would of come to 100 percent sure he didnt come true with the full encounter of his slip ,bank details didnt work out and also he said he brought 200 dollars of personal hygiene and food..i noticed he had stuff all in his fridge and cheapest shampoo etc..last weekend i took him to libarary to get books and dvd ..we watched dvd and he said he get help .he told me he rung and sees somebody tomorrow .consellor ,so thats good ,but last night i said to him ,,i knw ur liaring abt how much u actually gambled etc ,with bank deatails and monet spent on food etc,,it didint add up ….i knw his traits so well now,,i stood my ground and my stomach and mind were so sick i said tell me the truth u expect me to support u ,to help u but still u liar to me ,what hope is there .i told him if he didnt have guts to tell me to leave i cant handle to crap and liars ,of course he left ,i did beleive i did the right thing ,i feel like now i have drawn a line and by me being strong and believing in myself and my word ,he may stand a chance of getting better ,so thanku for everyone for persisting with me,i do get how i have to be to help cg and myself ,and he if isnt ready for true recovery and not just giving me lip service and liars i need to walk away ..everything is a test

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