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    geebug x

    Hi everyone, I’m a newbie!
    I have been referred to here by my GP after being prescribed with depression in June. My dad is a serious addict, and has been as long as I can remember. My mum left him in 2006 after bailiffs turned up atour door for the 1000th time and took out things, we then went on to loosing the house. Since then as I have got older (I’m 21 now) I have lent my dad my pocket money and now work as a successful HR assistant in a big company in London, my dad ‘borrows’ 60% of my wages. This has all come to a head this year as dad opened all my 21st birthday cards and took the money before I saw them, they were up opened on the mante when I got to my dads an the money had gone, next he pawned the ring me and my sister brought him fr his 50th and sold my V festival tickets that were delivered to his house. If I can’t lend him money he breaks down that he can’t pay such-and-such or can’t pay back the money my nan lent him so she can’t eat, he has said he will kill himself as there is no point living anymore.
    I am struggling! I have tried everything and all anyone ever advises me is to cut ties, but I simply can’t! His my dad…I’m just looking for someone to understand really I think.
    Sorry for the length in advance and I am looking forward to getting to know u all if I’m welcome xxx

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