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    I’m still around and look on GT everyday sometimes 2 and 3 times a day!! I’ve got nothing new to add really. It’s coming upto to month 3 or the 3rd pay day since my CG last gambled!! This is the month he goes after a blow out and the promises of not going again!! As you can imagine I’m apprehensive, scared and definatly on my guard!! He says he’s not going to go but I have been here so many times!! Although he does seem different and more determined but he’s still not seeking help apart from me having his bank cards etc. We talk to each other about it and the effect it’s had.
    I’ve not been able to get on to chat as I’ve been busy with wk as ofstead came in last week and also busy with my kids playing re arranged Footy matches. I’m now on school hols although on a course today and tomorrow.

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