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    Hello. I’m new here.
    I’m a 22 year old female from Sweden and I’ve had enough of myself.
    I was unemployed for one year in 2012. This year I got 2 part-time jobs and I was so happy to earn back the money I’ve spent on rent, food etc when being unemployed.
    One job is at a gas-station. The other is at a Bingo-hall, or whatever you call it. And this is when my problem started. We have Vegas machines at this job. And I started seeing these gamblers come in everyday and play something I’ve never played in my life. So a few days later I wanted to know what the fuss was all about and I signed up on an online casino and started playing Starburst, because it looked pretty.
    Here I am today, a few months later, depositing 20 dollars every single day and playing Starburst. And after each loss I cose my account. The next day I create an account on another site. And it goes on and on. I now have around 15 closed account, and I’m just hoping there wont be another site left to sign up on.
    I don’t want to spend my earned money on this anymore. No matter what I say to myself I always come back the day after, or 2 days after.
    Even though 20 dollars everyday might not seem much to some of you, it is for me, because I need to save up the money I spent during my year of unemployment. I’m tired of being so cheap to real life things, such as eating out with friends, and spending money on useless gambling instead. I want to be ME again.
    I don’t know what to say. I need help and I want to quit NOW before it gets any worse.

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