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      I now have acknowlegde that I have a problem with gambling.  This is after I have taken money from my work, my home, my mom.  I am in the trouble with work that got me to realized that I have a problem.  I am about to come forward and tell my boss.  I am so ashamed of what I did.  I am going to tell my husband tonight of my problem and hope he  is understanding.  I have told my inlaws and they are very strong for me and helping me see the light at the end of this.  I have my first GA meeting on Sunday and my first counselor meeting on Tuesday. 
      I hope I can get thru this and get strong for my family.  I have an eight year old son who I love very much.  I don’t want him to get caught up in this.  I love my husband of 17 years of marraige.  He is my best friend.  I feel ashame for not telling him and lying to him about everything.  I hope he will be strong for me and stay with me through this very difficult times.
      Any moral support, I will appreciate it.I want to have my life back

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