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      Happy Independence Day to all our USA members.


      Independence day.  On 4th July 1776 13 American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.  Thye did so because they felt they were being treated unfairly, they didn’t want to be ruled or taxed by an outside force.  They wanted control of their own destiny.  They were right.


      That declaration lead to the American war of Independence which of course meant a great struggle, many sacrifices and a lot of bravery.  Of course America won.   America is now one of the greatest countries in the world, an independent country in control of it’s own destiny.  I’m glad to say we are all friends now!

      Now some parallels.

      What “independence ” do we have when gambling?

      If you are reading this then your gambling losses are probably higher than any tax you will ever have.

      When in the grip of addiction we are certainly controlled by an outside force which levies a very high “tax” in more ways than one.

      When we “declare independence” from gambling we need to be prepared for a battle, make sacrifices, be brave enough to take the actions we need to take, including some we may not want to take.

      When we come out of the other side of that battle we will have true independence, control of our own destiny.


      There is of course one important difference –  never try to renew friendship with gambling!


      So, whether you are American or from any other country in the world and are struggling with addiction – make today YOUR Independence Day.


      Happy Independence Day all.

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