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      I began to realize that  I have gambling problem when I lost $500 one day,
      I have no money, and I just want to win money to get the **** out of here.
      sorry I’m so angry.
      I want out of here, people here are ****.
      No one seems to care enough for nobody.

      When I was 14yrs old we moved here and i hated here.
      When I turn 21yrs old the legal age of gambling I don’t want to gamble but mother pursuaded me to go and try my luck with slot machines and tournaments, oh boy they are the worst scam ever.
      Still every $20 I spent I wish to get back the money they are all lies and people who won I began to suspect are either:
      very lucky SOB or they are scammers promoting their own slot machine so more people will win because I max bet never win anything.
      I hate gambling guys and gals but I have no way out.
      I have gambled every last dollar I have and no one cares, I just want a job so I get out of here.

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