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      Now then Guys,
      I am compulsive gambler no doubts, in last 10 years had been through ups and downs all the time. I know tht nearly all of you know the feeling of being high and only sky being the limit, and next day crawling down the floor trying to hide, not answering phones etc.
      Well been through that..and have to say gambling wise is much better, in last year I gambled about 3 times, not bad I would say but…
      there is a problem with me at the moment….can not see any joy in life, any excitement living day to day without dreams, ideas, I stopped gambling (nearly) and things changed, but not changed for good (funny enough) from my personal perspective. I am frustrated, bored….like every day is perfectly the same. Not having any money is not helping but me having money is no money at the end…
      Guys, how to cope with day to day, how to cope with lack of perspective (illusory but it used to be) and dreams…
      Have a good day or night.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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