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    Hi Lost (and now Found)
    I am so pleased you have found yourself and that you are happy with who you are.
    Thank you for returning to update, most of our members move on and don’t want to return to these pages which is completely understandable but it is always good to get an update.
    There are many outcomes and not all are the ones that were hoped and dreamed about but I believe that nearly all F&F members do move on with greater hope for themselves and that is what this forum is all about.
    I wish you and your wee boy well as you go forward. Use the bitter experience of living with the addiction to gamble as a reference only, as an education to improve your life and nothing will be wasted.



    Hi Lost (no longer),
    I came upon your story by chance and was shocked when reading it as it felt like a mirror of my own 18 yrs of Marriage and subsequent separation – long drawn out in court.
    I’m also no longer speaking to my Ex or his large enabling family who added to my pain by trying to keep my daughter from me during a period while she was dealing with anger issues towards me for putting her Dad “Out”.
    The only piece of advice I would like to add is to be truthful with your Son and try to explain to him about Gamling.
    I did not do this with my children so it allowed others to blame me for the marriage breakdown. I did for a period during grief of breakdown do some drinking – enabling them to tell my kids I was an acoholic. I have spoken and apologiesed to my kids for this period and behaviour.
    I wish you and your Son well and I hope you are able to protect him with the truth about the CG as it is a learned behaviour.
    Love and light 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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