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    Many times I’ve tried to stop
    Why ? It’s not harming anyone I tell myself
    It cries out from inside once more , lucks going to change
    Could this be true?
    Can feel my face go red it’s bad news again
    How many times shall I do this to myself?
    Why am I hurting?
    Guilt I feel painful guilt
    how will I explain?
    Lie I think she will never no
    No luck again, the usual signs she knows
    Tell the kids why we’re not going anywhere this weekend?
    The pain is strong is this allowed ?
    Are compulsive gamblers meant to feel guilty is it my fault?
    Upsetting family only want the best
    Got to change this carnt go on
    Can this be my life?
    From this day on relapse must go
    With help I’m sure this can be true
    Happy times the aim is there
    Last chance saloon the challenge is on
    Only time will tell…………. To be continued xq


    Very expressive, thank you for sharing this!



    Good poem!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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