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    In the shadows
    I tried to hide
    A safe place to hold onto my pride

    It started off innocent
    endless possibilities was the dream I sought
    till this dream consumed everything I ever bought

    It was me against my world
    It was me against my family
    And now I try to make sense of what has become of my identity

    It was just one dollar, that turned into five
    Eight years later and this expense has cost my life

    The mirror tells a story of a hurt little girl
    My tired reflection is my own demise
    Creating my own hurt and broken world

    I now fear the shadow
    the silence of the darkness
    because it has consumed all that I was

    It started off as an innocent dream
    money was going to set me free
    now I am consumed in a jail with no bars
    and I still don’t know how I let it go this far

    But I know I must stop
    I know I need help
    maybe somewhere there is still hope for me
    All I know this is not my destiny


    Love this…it really, does start out that simple Izzi. We make a prison for ourselves…but you know what? We can break out , we can slowly file the bars in the window frames and eventually climb out to freedom!


    I am going


    I am going


    thats good honest writing right there, hard to read as it is close to me, but appreciate that we arent alone.


    that is the story of my life, started gambling because I hated my family so much (was so hurt by them) always felt like an outsider, cg was completely out of character. And I just wanted to make money and move out and be independant but it ended up eating me, still is eating me financially (paying the price for so many years of cg)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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