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      Hello guys,

      Cant believe how silly I have been with gambling.

      For years I have had a problem and have tried to do something about it.
      It has even been that bad recently I have used my own mothers debit card to gamble and justified it by saying “well its only £20 here and there, she wont notice it on her statement”.

      Christmas time was when I completely stopped. I knew my work hours were going to be cut as of January and how I could not afford to gamble ever again.

      I wanted to make 2011 gamble free. Until the middle of January I did really well. I fought the hardest part of my cravings and I didnt think anything about gambling.

      At the end of Jan I got an email that tempted me back into it and since then things have gone up the wall.
      I had several wins at the beginning of this month… they were reversed 20 minutes later. My bank balance was then empty. I was still craving and started using my mums card. I thought at first that I could easily make myself profit. Cashout the profit and then pay the deposit money back on my mums card. I lost a total of £200. But then with a stroke of luck I made £300. Instead of cashing out I played on and on until all was lost :(.

      The end of Feb and as soon as my wages were in (a very low wage of £300 with the hours being cut) I gambled again. I managed to win £250. Cashed it out and let it clear (really had to refrain myself).
      I then had another major slip yesterday and entered the bookies for the first time in a year or so… I lost £80

      Then today as I sat waiting for that withdraw to go into my bank I blew all that was left of my overdraft (£60) and a further £70 :(.

      I hate this. I hate the feeling gambling gives you and makes you believe you can win. Then even if you do win it tries to snatch it back off you the moment you cashout.

      I know I have a problem and I need to quit once again and this time make it permenant

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